Maddy Taylor is an artist & model based in south west London

Squares & things has only been around since August 2019 but the seeds of its creation were sown many years before that. Squares and things is all about bringing you joy through simple shapes and bright colours. 

I began working primarily using oil pastels, with my work gradually progressing through different forms of mixed media and ending up in the world of making sculptures - where I feel most at home. I take inspiration from just about everything! Usually my holidays in the South of France, that's why you'll see a lot of blues, greens and yellow throughout my work. 

The inspiration behind the sculptures stems from my childhood admiration and slight obsession with plants, nature and things you find in the ocean. I spent my childhood living in Asia, surrounded by exotic plants with long tendrils and strange flower bud shapes. Recreating these shapes and the feeling of sanctuary they gave me is something I try to put into my sculptures. My holidays in Nice and Italy with my boyfriend are where I credit recent influence. The colour of the turquoise sea contrasted against orange parasols on the beach, the terracotta tiles of their holiday home in St Tropez and the spiky Yucca trees that seem to burst out of the ground have been mental pictures I've taken, as not only have they been beautiful memories, they all represent a moment in time where I was relaxed, happy... and warm! These are qualities I try to exhibit throughout all my work but I’ve felt this especially when working on my sculptures, I would want them to bring a little happiness and fun to a corner of a customer’s home.


For any questions regarding more information or collaborations, please get in touch with me via email at or using the form below.

Alternatively, please check out @squaresandthings instagram for more content.